Industry in Jiangsu
The Industry in Jiangsu

The shipbuilding industry of the Jiangsu Province ranks first in China with more than 1000 diversified ship manufacturers and shipbuilding matching enterprises. In 2011, the accomplished shipbuilding output reached 28 million deadweight tonnages, decreased by 21.4% compared to that of the previous year, and accounting for 36.4.1% of the nation's total and 16.4% of total world market; The handholding ship orders, and the newly undertook ship orders accounts for 34.6% and 38.9% respectively of the nation's industry. Meanwhile, the shipbuilding industry of Jiangsu Province accelerates the introducing and absorbing of international advanced manufacturing technologies and management philosophies, focusing on the breakthrough in high technology and high value-added sectors. In recent years, along with the constant increase of the accomplished shipbuilding output, there is a decline in the proportion of bulk carriers year by year leading to a rise on the proportion for international top level of high technology and high value-added ships.

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To coordinate the Adjustment and Revitalization Plans in Chinese Shipbuilding Industry issued by the Chinese government, the technical reconstruction and the industrial structure upgrade projects of the shipping industry have witnessed the greatest supports from the Jiangsu Provincial Government. Among the cities of Jiangsu, Nanjing has designated four shipbuilding industrial zones and three ship equipment industry districts with heavy investment, namely: Liuhe Longpao Shipping Industry Zone, Pukou Wujiang Shipping Industry Zone, Qixia Bagua Shipping Industry Zone, Jingan Shipping Industry Zone plus Jiangning Ship-supporting Industry District, Yuhua Ship-supporting Industry District and Lishui Jingqiao Ship-supporting Industrial District. Nantong Municipal Government has invested and expanded Qidong Shipbuilding District, and three other famous Ship-supporting Industry districts known as Qidong Ship-supporting Industry District, Gangzha Ship-supporting Industry and Nantong Development Zone Ship-supporting District. In addition, The shipping industry zones in the greater  Jiangsu Province also include Jiangsu Guan River Shipping Industry Zone invested by Lianyungang City, Run Zhou Shipping and Ship-supporting Industry Zone invested by Zhenjiang City, Hailing Ships Industrial Parks where freshwater shipping Industry are concentrated invested by Taizhou City, Hanjing Xinba Shipping Industry Zone, and Chunhe Ship-supporting Industry District invested by Yangzhou City and along-river Industrial Zones invested by Wuxi City.
Regarding the port construction, In 2010, the Jiangsu Province achieved a put out of 1.5 billion tons ranking No.1 in China for 5 years in succession. With Lianyungang's successful access to the list of largest ports in China up to 100 million tons, Jiangsu Province has been enjoying 4 largest ports up to100 million tons, steadily ranking the first place in China continuously. In Jiangsu Province, there are a total of 314 loading berths with throughput over 10 thousand tons, among them 69 berths with a capacity of up to 50,000 tons. 

In the meantime, the Jiangsu Province further promotes resources integration of port loading & unloading together with logistic & transportation, gives a full play to the port Integral effects, and has preliminarily formed the container and cargo specialized distribution format, perfected three transportation systems of direct sea transportation, transshipment in between river and sea, transit and interline transport of the upper and middle Yangtze River.The Jiangsu Province has successfully upgraded the main National Ports's scale utilization and modernization along the Rive and the Coast.
CIMPS will be held in Nanjing ,the capital city of Jiangsu Province, on May 11-13, 2016!

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