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CIMPS -- China International Marine, Port & Shipbuilding Fair
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May  11-13, 2016             Venue: Nanjing International Expo Center
  China International Marine, Prot & Shipbuilding Fair

11 - 13 May, 2016

Nanjing, China  

Your gateway to the No.1 shipbuilding hub in China!

 CIMPS 2016 is sailing with the latest marine technology

    The 6th China International Marine, Port & Shipbuilding Fair (CIMPS 2016) is scheduled to be held in Nanjing, China during 11-13 May  2016. With the increasing of internationalization, CIMPS 2016will attract more international anchor companies in the line of maritime and offshore by strengthening the cooperation with overseas partners to meet more local shipyards and expand the business in China.

    According to the requirement of shipbuilding industry in China, CIMPS 2016 will highlight on the development of upgrade reforming, industry chain, informatization, key technology and products in shipbuilding and repairing, LNG/LPG vessel, chemical tanker, special purpose vessel, yacht and ice ship, and advanced technique in new-energy power, driving, automation controlling, tele-communication and navigation, etc. Fishing vessel is another outstanding area in the show.

    Local shipyards and ship export bases will also participate in CIMPS 2016 with local elite manufacturers of maritime and offshore in pavilions to compete with the opponents.


Overseas promotion

    Paying special attention to global promotion, the Organization Committee will focus on the promotion in the world famous offshore and maritime exhibitions like OTC (US), OSEA (Singapore), ONS (Norway), Kormarine and Offshore Korea (Korea), SPE Offshore Europe (UK), APM (Singapore), Sea Japan (Japan) and Europort etc., so as to attract more exhibitors and buyers.

Domestic promotion

    The Maritime Safety Administrations, Ship Inspection Administrations, and Ocean and Fisheries Bureaus of Shanghai, Zhejiang, Shandong, Guangdong, Jiangxi, Jiangsu, etc. will organize professional delegations to visit.

    Cooperating institutes, such as the China Shipowner’s Association, China Association of the National Shipbuilding Industry, The Chinese Society of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Chinese Society for Oceanography,Ocean Engineering Branch , and China petroleum institute will help to attract professional visitors.

    Many delegations from domestic ship associations are expected to pay visit to the show, like Jiangsu Shipowners Association, Xiangshan Shipowners Association, Henan Ship Industry Association, Fujian Ship Industry Association and Nanjing Shipping Commerce.

    Lots of shipyards, equipment companies of ship building and ship industry zones will be invited. Most of them plan to organize their experts to the show .

Call-center promotion

    The Organization Committee established a special buyers invitation center to invite buyers and professional visitors.

    It has a database with more than 100 thousand data for telemarketing, fax, mailing, EDM and SMS, etc.

Mainstream media promotion

    The Organization Committee will cooperate with more than 100 Chinese media partners and more than 30 overseas media partners. The show advertisement is scheduled for about 150 media.   

Military buyer’s delegation

    As a supporter of the exhibition, The Navy Equipment Department of the ChinesePeople’s Liberation Army will continuously organize decades of military representatives to visit the fair and attended the special arranged matchmaking session.

Features of CIMPS 2013

★ Outstanding in scale

    Covering the space of 20,000 sqm, CIMPS 2013 involved 476 exhibitors from 12 countries and regions. It attracted 9,178 professional visitors from 26 countries and regions.

★ High interests from overseas brands

    The increased ratio of high-tech, high value-added and green products by 58 global companies from America, Danmark, France, Finland, Japan, Korea, Russia, the Netherlands and Turkey
indicated that most overseas campanies put more attention to Chinese market.

★ Active local pavilions

    Because of the strong support from  national shipbuilding and maritime industrial bases, CIMPS 2013 were attended by  many domestic delegations from Songyang and Taizhou of Zhejiang Province, Jiangxi Province, Fujian Province, and delegations organized by the ministry of agriculture, fishing vessel inspection bureau etc. to show their competitive productivity.

    Besides, exhibitor delegations organized by Jiangsu Marine Fisheries Service, Nantong City, Jingjiang City, Nanjing City, Zhenjiang City, Wuxi City, Taizhou City, Yangzhou City, Yancheng City, Jianhu City in Jiangsu Province, have displayed the outstanding image of Jangsu Province in China shipbuilding industry, marine equipment and ship export industry.


Visitors by nation and region

Overseas 11.56%

Jiangsu Province 32.24%

Other Provinces 56.2%

Visitors by job function

Management 52.5%

Purchasing 20.93%

Technical 13.98%

Sales 9.57%

Service 0.85 %

Others 2.17 %

Abundance concurrent events

★ The Netherlands as an EU Maritime & Offshore Hub CEO Round-table Meeting and Cocktail Party was held to provide a free communication for the cooperation opportunity between the officials from the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency and Chinese CEO and Chiefs in maritime investment.

★ Chinese Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineering successfully organized the “5th China Forum on the Development of Steel for Shipbuilding and Offshore Engineering” and “Shipbuilding & Offshore Deck Cabin Mechanical Technique Forum 2013” discussed about new materials, new techniques, new technology applied in shipbuilding and offshore products.

★ World-renowned Norway Classification held a forum in Jingling International Conference Center, discussed energy-saving shipbuilding simulation technology’s effect on competitiveness and maritime environmental protection. Energy-saving type shipbuilding has been an important index of shipbuilding ability.

Quotes from CIMPS 2013

    This is the second time for our participation. We got a $1million order last year in the exhibition. We also achieved a lot this year, and got in touch with many potential clients, with big possible deals in the future. We also found that our competitors came as well, which made us not easily give up this exhibition. We are fully confident about this exhibition!                                                           


                                                  Van der Leun


    As a key manufacturer in the line of heavy equipment in offshore, we take serious on this show. We exhibited the latest drilling platform, floating crane and pipe-laying vessel. Most of the visitors were attracted by our products. We hope we can expend our business upon this show.



    Under the circumstance of the present shipping industry, CIMPS-Europort & OTE assembled so many domestic shipyards displaying together, and organized Chinese top shipbuilding manufacture bases to exhibit! We saw many new products and techniques of the shipbuilding industry. For the show we gathered many colleagues to visit and collected a great deal of information, which is really worthwhile. We also participated in the forum held by DNV.                                            

                                                     Yangtze River Maritime Bureau


For more information, please visit: www.china-ship.com

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