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2016 Marine and Offshore Match Making Conference Invitation

Dear CIMPS Exhibitors:

Welcome to join CIMPS in the beating heart of the largest shipbuilding country! Jiangsu is the No.1 shipbuilding hub in China, its shipbuilding industry accounts for 35-40% of that of the entire country (15.3% of the world’s output). The extraordinary shipbuilding industry base builds up foundation to CIMPS, and offers a broader platform to exhibitors.

In order to build trade bridges between Chinese shipyards and overseas equipment suppliers, to meet shipyards’ requirements of purchasing advanced ship equipments from worldwide and seeking cooperation with ship owners, ship brokers, and to meet the equipment suppliers’ needs to seek buyers from shipyards, 2016 “Marine and Offshore Match Making Conference” will invite more ship brokers and ship design firms, to make more equipment suppliers have chance to directly face the shipyards, ship brokers, and ship design firms to achieve trade relations. we specially help to arrange the match making conference in Jinling Convention Centre 3rd Floor during 10 April AM10.00-AM11.30. The negotiation with offshore equipment buyers is close at your hand!

We sincerely invite you to join the 2016 Marine and Offshore Match Making!

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organization Committee of
China International Marine, Port & Shipbuilding Fair
May 03th, 2014

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