Industry in China
The Industry in China 

In recent years, the marine, port and shipbuilding industry in China have been developing dramatically. According to the National Bureau of Statistics of China, in 2011, the accomplished shipbuilding output is 76.65 million deadweight tonnages, the newly received ship orders, and the handholding ship orders, are 36.22 million DWT, and 149.91 million DWT, accounting for 46.2% and 37.7% respectively of the world industry turnover. China has stridden into the top shipbuilding countries. 
In addition, there are 20 largest ports with throughout over 100 million tons in China, keeping the first place in the world continuously. In 2010, the throughout of Chinese ports with scale reached 8 billion tons, up 4.43% than last year.   
Currently, there are around 3000 shipbuilding enterprises and major shipbuilding matching enterprises in China and the annual purchasing for the shipbuilding matching facilities have surpassed RMB 200 billion Yuan. Encouraged by the shipbuilding output rising, the importing demands from Chinese shipbuilding industry have been increasing greatly, especially on the diesel generator sets, engine room automation and remote sensing, communication navigation and crane boilers etc, the above mentioned equipments are mainly imported from overseas. According to the statistics, Chinese domestic marine products shipment efficiency is less than 30%. Currently, the comparatively low technological level and production capacity of the shipbuilding supporting industry are hard pressed to meet the fast development of Chinese ship industry, mass importing of foreign marine products are therefore in urgent and great demand to maintain the rapid development of the shipbuilding industry. Before 2009, 70% of equipments was imported from overseas. 
Parallel to the fast development in shipbuilding, port and logistic industries, Chinese enterprises in the circle are facing the essentiality of technical renovation, production line upgrading, and improvement of industry informationization. For years, the entities in the industry at home and abroad have been attaching great importance to the Chinese market which is regarded as a promising one with near unlimited potential, and have been searching a Chinese shipbuilding fair to participate in. 

CIMPS, greatly supported by the Governments, with an estimated exhibition area of 24,000 - 36,000 square meters, is bound to be an exciting and enthusiastic industrial event to promote the communication and development of marine, port and shipbuilding industry in China and all over the world.    

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