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- Shipbuilding: ocean/offshore/inland ship building, repairing, dismantling & conversion for LNG/LPG vessel, oil tanker, bulk carrier, container ship, passenger liner, fishing ship, dredging  vessel, ro-ro ship, chemical tanker, offshore auxiliary vessel and military ship

- Technology: welding/cutting, flaw detection, pre-treatment, auxiliary equipment, shipyard establishment and falsework

- Material: steel for ship, steel framework, metal/non-metal for shipbuilding

- Surface treatment: paint, anticorrosive technology and material

- Die & mould: structure mould production, parts processing and casting

- Safety protection: clothes, mask, belt and equipment

Light boat:

- Public/salvage/rescue boat, ferry, yacht, motorboat, sports boat, sub and raft

Auxiliary equipment:

- Electrical: automation control, transformer, instrument, lighting, wire & cable, explosion-proof and security

- Communication: radar, navigation, wireless communication, intelligence traffic control

- Power system: main engine, diesel engine, oil engine, steam engine

- Driving system: electric drive, water jet, propeller, gear/bearing/clutch and rudder

- Cabin auxiliary: generator set, electric motor, pump, boiler, heat transfer and HAVC

- Deck Machinery: anchoring winch, crane, keel block, hydraulic equipment, anchor/chain and cable twisted rope

- Outfitting: external/internal outfitting, seal and adhesive products,clean and lubrication

- Ship accessories: pipe, pump/valve, rigging, extinguishing, rescue and spare parts

- Life facilities: office work, decoration, kitchen and sanitary ware

Offshore engineering:

- Platform, drilling machine, auxiliary vessel, wind/solar energy, oil/gas processing, storage and transportation

Shipping service:

- Transportation: for oil, cargo, passenger and special service

- Agency: shipping, freight forwarder, ship broker and crew management

- Logistic: facilities/equipment, container, voyage skill

Harbour techniques:

- Harbour establishment, harbour equipment, storage and distribution, safety/security


- Ship design, ship certification, R&D institute, finance/insurance, legal agency, industry park, information and media

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