Latest News » Chinese Society of Corrosion and Protection (CSCP) continues to support 2013 CIMPS-Europort and OTE

     Solidifying those working in the field of corrosion science, sticking to the facts, carrying forward democracy,advocating free discussion between different parties,devoting to the development of corrosion science and four modernizations of China.

Time of establishment: December of 1979


Journal of Corrosion and Protection of China
Materials protection
Corrosion Protection Newspaper

In September of 1984, CSCP joined the International Corrosion Union located in Houston, US. In June of 1985 CSPCP became a member of Asia-Pacific Material and Corrosion Society established in Melbourne, Australia.


Building of Corrosion and Management 617-621
University of Science and Technology of Beijing
No.30,Xueyuan Road
Beijing, 100083
Telephone: 86-010-62332201
Fax: 86-010-62320080
Zip 100083


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